Mr. James Odongo O
Mr. James Odongo O

Applied Sciences Department is one of the departments that complement the academic requirements to achieve the TVET certification prerequisites. If a trainee undertakes a course being examined by KNEC (TEP or Modular), CDACC, or NITA, the trainee requires some basic or foundational knowledge in Mathematics and Sciences, regardless of the department or Course of choice. It is therefore not a surprise that timetables and programs include some Mathematics and Sciences.

Therefore, as a department, we emphasize achieving the institutional mandate by ensuring the Trainers concerned and the Trainees in question attend to the scheduled lessons, whether virtually or otherwise. Many Trainees have failed to achieve their certification because of not taking the Mathematics and Sciences seriously or negatively. Therefore, I wish to make the trainees aware that these subjects are indispensable, and they form an integral part of the Curriculum, and since trainees do not come to fail, the trainee should ensure they do the Course once and pass. The departmental staff comprises dedicated members who demand the trainees’ cooperation to achieve the required standards. Therefore, discipline and dedication to classwork and attendance are crucial to the success of the trainee. Some of the trainees’ excellent performance requirements also include possessing SMP Log Table and Scientific Calculator (fx570- ES).

The department is a service department for now, but hopefully, we will be doing both servicing and offering our courses like Applied Statistics at various levels and other Science courses.

Thank you

Mr. James Odongo O - Head of Department - Applied Sciences

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