John Odul - Head Of Department –Business
Mr. John Odul

The Business Studies department has a population of about 300 enrolled Trainees. The department collaborates with other departments to provide courses that introduce Trainees to the dynamic world of business organization.  Our courses are unique because students are introduced to the dynamic world of business through lectures, discussions, case studies, readings, and the Internet. The courses focus on the fundamentals of management, marketing, finance, and business in the global environment.


Career prospects

The department trains highly qualified personnel to offer human resource management solutions, supply chain management, accounting, business management, sales and marketing, secretarial services, and accounting. Most of our graduands are absorbed in all sorts of companies, government ministries, private entities, banks, learning institutions, among others.

Mr. John Odul - Head Of Department –Business

                                          DIPLOMA :  DURATION 3 YEARS
1.      Diploma in Business Management MODULE  1,2 & 3
2.       Diploma in Human Resource Management MODULE  1,2 & 3
3.       Diploma in Supply Chain Management MODULE  1,2 & 3
4.       Diploma in Sales and Marketing MODULE  1,2 & 3
5.       Diploma in Secretarial Studies MODULE  1,2 & 3
6.       Diploma in Entrepreneurship Education MODULE  1,2 & 3
                                       CRAFT CERTIFICATE DURATION 2 YEARS
7.       Craft Certificate in Business Management MODULE 1 & 2
8.       Craft Certificate in Human Resource Management MODULE 1 & 2
9.       Craft Certificate in Supply Chain Management MODULE 1 & 2
10.    Craft Certificate in Sales and Marketing MODULE 1 & 2
11.    Craft Certificate in Secretarial Studies MODULE 1 & 2

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