Mrs. Lynette Odhiambo
Mrs. Lynette Odhiambo

Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology (RIAT) is a middle-level Institution offering technical training at Diploma, Certificate, and Artisan levels. It also provides a range of CBET courses. TVET education is gaining ground in the Kenya government. The government is laying much emphasis on TVET and continues to invest heavily in TVET education. The growing economy in the country and within the Region requires workers who are skilled at various levels.

The Deputy Principal Administrations’ office has the responsibility of assisting in planning, organizing and, coordinating institute affairs and programs. This includes long-term planning, recruitment, supervision, disciplinary, research, performance contracting. The office ensures the staff follows Institutional policies and procedures. 

Tens of thousands of TVET graduates enter the job market every year with little prospects of employment. Unemployment in Kenya is on the rise. Pursuing a TVET qualification will enable one to acquire real skills to further train or apply for a job. Once a trainee graduate from a TVET institution, he or she is ready for the job.

The entry-level training does not matter. A trainee may start at the Artisan level and gradually build on their career up to the highest level of Education (Ph.D.). Although a trainee may begin as a low medium-skilled worker, they can gradually build on their experiences and become a highly skilled worker in the industry with further training. TVET trainees can access funding from the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) to finance their training.

Good things are in store for TVET graduates. Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology (RIAT) is the place to be!

Lynette Odhiambo - Deputy Principal Administration

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