e_learning o access the e-learning platform on our Learning Management System, click: odel.ramogiinstitute.ac.ke

Training programs have traditionally been conducted using face-to-face methods of delivery. In March 2020, this was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic led to the closure of learning in Institutions in several parts of the World. These nationwide closures are impacting over 60% of the World’s student population. Several other countries have implemented localized closures affecting millions of additional learners (UNESCO, 2020). TVET institutions in developing countries such as Kenya have implemented measures to facilitate participant access to ICT and remote learning.

RIAT has adopted new ways of skills development and delivery of course content. Training has been taken outside the classroom and into the students’ communities, workplaces, and homes. RIAT has changed from traditional ways of thinking and re-packaged new ways of delivering knowledge and skills. These reforms have shifted the learning programs from walled classrooms to the wall-less, supply-led training to demand-driven training. The curriculum delivery is modified from flexible and competency-based training to competency-based assessment.

RIAT has placed structures for e-Learning and Instructional Design Development to continue delivering skills and improve vocational training access and inclusion. The platform’s establishment will be achieved through strengthened and improved tuition, enhanced practical experience in collaboration with the Industry (SMEs) strengthened research and skill development activities. The e-platform has addressed the issues of skills development during COVID -19 and post-COVID 19 in RIAT. The online approach has increased access to a broader trainee demographic reach. The online programs focus on incorporating regular programs with online skills training programs conducted through the Moodle platform. The programs provide trainees with the flexibility to schedule their training time and access to training materials.

To access the e-learning platform on our Learning Management System, click: odel.ramogiinstitute.ac.ke

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