Mr. Samuel N Mwaura - Head of Guidance and Counseling
Mr. Samuel N Mwaura - Head of Guidance and Counseling

In modern times, Kenya and the world are going through ever-changing expectations in personal, social, and career environments. This situation is generally replicated in TVET Institutions in general, including RIAT. The staff, trainees, and the community around Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology (RIAT) also face enormous day-to-day challenges: home-based violence, HIV AIDS, divorce, single parenthood; suicide; drugs, and substance abuse; extramarital sex and work skills. These challenges often result in direct and indirect effects on the well-being of our institutional population. Interaction with the guidance and counseling team members leaves our visitors more inspired, ready to cope and progress.

The Institute has a vibrant Guidance and Counseling Department that interacts favorably with the Dean of Students and other great institution organs. Through conducting institutional activities and topical forums, we promote psychosocial awareness and wellness among our staff, trainees, and community.

We provide institutional-based Guidance and Counseling through Individual counseling with one on one, Group counseling, and Peer counseling. The team comprises HOD and Deputy HOD Guidance and Counseling, 12 departmental coordinators, and an ever-growing number of peer counselors. The team is frequently refreshed to keep pace with modern trends while promoting the wellness of our community.

Our practice’s core values are confidentiality, non-judgmental, beneficent and non- maleficent, professionalism, and integrity.

Our department provides institutional-based guidance and counseling, prevention of alcohol and drug abuse, prevention of HIV/AIDS and related ailments, management of career services, and facilitation for public lectures on topical issues.

Your wellness is our concern.

Mr. Samuel N Mwaura - Head of Guidance and Counseling

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