Know RIAT, Our Pride

Historical Background of RIAT

Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology (RIAT) is one of the pioneer technical training Institute in Kenya. RIAT is in Kisumu County on the eastern shores of Lake Victoria at the tip of Winam gulf, which is a strategic position in the East African Community due to its accessibility to the regional countries of Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

The organizational philosophy of RIAT is translated in practical terms by the local word “RIAT” which forms the acronym for the institute.  “RIAT” means acting in unison, acting together, in the same way, at the same time. At its inception (1971), this philosophy was operationalized in mobilizing the immediate RIAT Community and the people of Kenya to act together to raise funds which were utilized to establish
the initial infrastructure.

RIAT is a public middle-level Technical Training Institute. Established under the TVET Act,
2013, within the laws of Kenya and operates as stipulated in the laws of Kenya. RIAT is gearing towards playing a significant and leading role in the fulfillment of its mandate. The Institute’s operations are also carried out per the Government policies and procedures as spelled out in official documents and circulars. The current students; population stands at 5,128, with 127 teaching staff and 54-BoG staff. The Institute is conscious of the Government’s policy of industrialization by the year 2020, and the Kenya Vision 2030, whose goals are to provide skilled and employable graduates through TVET sector. The TVET system addresses the pre-employment initial training needs of some young people at the secondary and post secondary level. Entry to a course in these institutions usually requires specific school certificates and specific course levels. The enrolment in this institution is spread within the entire country.

The Institute provides professional training in Engineering, Business, Hospitality and Applied Science disciplines to cater for qualified students throughout the Republic of Kenya. A lot of emphasis is laid on the acquisition of practical skills, sound work attitudes and entrepreneurial skills. The training exposes students to 3 months industrial Attachment or internship to all students in their respective relevant industries to enable them to be exposed to modern technologies, interact with professionals in their respective areas of specialization. The college assesses the trainees while on industrial attachment.

In line with vision 2030, the institute lays a lot of emphasis on science and technology-oriented programs. RIAT has been among the ten technical institutions selected to become centers of excellence in technology training under GoK and Devotra Netherlands Projects. All the Engineering departments received modern state-of-the art training equipment and machinery which now makes RIAT a model technology training Institute in the Region.

The Institute has nine academic departments namely, Automotive engineering, Building and civil engineering, Business studies, Clothing, and textile, Electrical and electronics engineering, Information communication technology, Food and Beverage, Social work and community development, Fisheries, Aquatic sciences and Agriculture. Other academic support departments include Communication and social development, Mathematics and Applied Sciences.

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