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Message from the H.o.D Mechanical Engineering Department

Welcome to the department of Mechanical Engineering at Ramogi Institute where we provide our trainees a warm learning environment enriched by a team of dedicated trainers.

Mechanical Engineering covers fundamental technical areas such as Engineering Dynamics, Automatic Controls, Mechanics, Computer Aided Design & Drafting, Thermodynamics & Fluid Mechanics, Material Science & Workshop Technology, Engineering Statics, Vehicle Dynamics, just to name a few.

Our comprehensive teaching and state of the art workshops provide opportunities for trainees to learn, practice and to do practicals related to their areas of studies. We do our training through combination of in- person learning, remote learning and online approaches. The students are also exposed to industry for six months in the course of their studies

The department comprise of the following section:-

  1. Automotive Engineering Section
  2. Welding and Fabrication Section
  3. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Section

Courses offered in Mechanical Engineering department:-

  1. Knec Modular courses for Diploma & Craft in Automotive Engineering
  2. Knec TEP courses for Artisan in Motor Vehicle Mechanics & Welding and Fabrication
  3. TVET CDAC Courses in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
  4. NITA Grade Test 3,2 & 1 in Panel Beating & Spray Painting
  5. NTSA Course in Driving

Programs offered in the department

  1. Diploma in Automotive Engineering                       3 years (Min C-)
  2. Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics            2 years (Min D)
  3. Certificate in Welding and Fabrication                     2 years (Min D)
  4. Artisan in Motor Vehicle Mechanics 2 years (D- or KCPE)
  5. Artisan in Welding and Fabrication                           2 years (D- or KCPE )
  6. CBET Level 4 in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 5 years (D- or KCPE )
  7. CBET Level 5 in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 5 years months (Min D)
  8. Driving School 3 Months ( National ID)
  9. Panel Beating & Spray Painting 6 Months ( National ID)




Members of Department

  1. Walter Okech O.D
  2. David Okello Otieno Trainer/ Deputy Dean
  3. Hebron Lisasa Trainer/ Dept. ILO
  4. Simon Otindo Otsieka Trainer
  5. Weldon Ngeno Trainer/ Dept. Exams Officer
  6. Christopher Mayero Trainer
  7. Dancun Chahonyo Trainer/ Odel & CBET Dept Champion
  8. Nicodemus Ayoti Trainer
  9. Humphrey Achuodho Trainer/ Time table master
  10. Charles Oduor Trainer
  11. James Nyairo Trainer
  12. Peter Munialo Trainer
  13. Kennedy Odhiambo Technician

I urge you to visit our website to learn more about the exciting training programs we have to offer our prospective students who wish to join this department.

Walter Okech

Mr. Walter Okech - Head of Department : Mechanical Engineering Department

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