To produce skilled and self-driven technical education graduates with quality vocational and technical training, and innovative and creative competencies for Kenya’s economic growth and development.




To be a leader in quality training that responds to the vocational and technological needs of the local and global society.



The institute fraternity and stakeholders will make decisions that influence their lives.


We will value and strengthen our collaboration with our stakeholders and the wider community in achieving the best possible outcomes.

Gender Sensitivity

In order to uphold the principle of gender equality and fairness, we accord equal opportunities to both sexes.

Honesty and Integrity

We will act with honesty and integrity and with respect for the individuals.


We will regularly review our performance to continually improve our service.

Concern for the physically challenged

We are committed to providing training to all learners, including those with special needs.


We will ensure services are provided fairly to all people and groups, taking into account special needs.

Health and Safety

We will create a safe workplace culture for our employees, stakeholders and the community.

Invention, Innovation and Creativity

We will strive to make these the driving force for the Centre of Excellence.

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