Mr . Charles Lwanga Yogo
Mr . Charles Lwanga Yogo

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology (RIAT).  This is “the only Institute of Advanced Technology in East and Central Africa. “Therefore, you are in the right place. This office is a critical pillar in achieving the RIAT vision of being a global leader in science, technology, and innovation and helps Kenya realize vision 2030 by joining the league of industrialized nations.

The research office will help the trainees discover their innovative talents that remain unexploited and enhance their capacity by empowering them to gainful livelihoods. RIAT trainees are expected to identify skills gaps in society and then use the knowledge and training acquired to developed innovative projects that can solve societal problems. In this regard, the research office assists any trainee who has a creative idea to polish and develop it further, present your proposal to the principal for funding, register it with Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) for patenting and protection so that nobody claims ownership rights and finally source for partners to help you rollout your innovation in the market.

Finally, the department expects innovation in the following twelve competitive (Technical Vocational Education &Training) TVET categories, Applied Science, General Agriculture, Clothing &Textile, Civil & Building Engineering, Food and Beverage, Automotive & Mechanical engineering, Business & Entrepreneurship, ICT and Electrical& Electronics. The yearly TVET competition is divided into five regions: the Western Region, North rift region, Nairobi region, Mount Kenya Region, and Coast region. RIAT competes in the Western Region, which has 27 institutions, before competing with other regions’ winners.

Therefore feel much welcome and at home in RIAT as we join together to make this Institute a Centre of excellence in research, technology, and innovation. THANK YOU.

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Mr . Charles Lwanga Yogo - Research Coordinator

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