Mr. James Odongo
HOD Applied Sciences/ Trainer
Mr. James Odongo HOD Applied Sciences/ Trainer

It is often said that teaching is a noble profession though hardly do people give this expression much thought. In most cases, trainers find themselves in the profession as a career but to Mr. Odongo, teaching is a calling and he has lived true to this belief.

Mr. Odongo is one trainer who enjoys every aspect of his work. He is a teacher, a counselor, a mentor, a mediator, name it! To say the least, Mr. Odongo is an inspiration to every member of RIAT.

Mathematics is often a dreaded subject, regarded as a no-go zone area and only done when it is a compulsory subject but not where Mr. Odongo is involved. His prowess in Mathematics is unmatched. To begin with, Mr. Odongo is a dedicated worker who believes in success in everything he lays his hands on; failure is never in his vocabulary. The commitment with which he handles Mathematics has baffled many.

His trainees often confess about his magic at making even the most difficult concepts in Mathematics simple. This has been a real motivation to the trainees. He is an extremely patient and tolerant man, perhaps this does the trick. He is never in a hurry when it comes to training; he takes his time knowing that students have varied abilities. His level of commitment and dedication to his work has ensured that even the weakest trainee is encouraged in Mathematics.

Mr. Odongo does not believe in the 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. working hours of a civil servant. He is one in a million trainers who work outside the official working hours and to him organizing remedial classes for his trainees is a norm. You may not believe it, but Mr. Odongo organizes remedial classes even as early as six o’clock in the morning! One may then wonder how he gets trainees that early given the nature of trainees in Technical Training Institutes, and this is where Mr. Odongo, the disciplinarian comes in. He is a no non-sense man with perfect classroom management skills, and trainees are well aware of this.

He is humble, soft-spoken, and easy-going but firm to the last meaning of the word. He is a man of few words who speaks less and listens more and maybe that is what has earned him respect and admiration from both trainers and trainees.

Mr. Odongo is just an exemplary trainer; he is pious, principled, and has integrity. To him, service to the people is service to God.  In his busy schedule, Mr. Odongo will always squeeze a moment to share the word of God whenever an opportunity presents its self and he is a blessing to everybody. Without a doubt, the Mathematics guru has engineered a complete change of attitude towards Mathematics in RIAT. He has molded characters and through his leadership and tireless efforts, performance in Mathematics has improved tremendously. Mr. Odongo leads by example. Hongera Mr. Odongo!


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